01. The decriminalization of marijuana is an important [issue] which is being discussed in political circles these days.
02. Fidelity is an important [issue] in any relationship because it brings stability and security.
03. The government debated the [issue] for over 2 months.
04. An important [issue] under discussion in the world of sport today is the participation of professional athletes in the Olympic Games.
05. Have you read the latest [issue] of Time magazine?
06. The union has [issued] a statement saying they will not negotiate with the company until the fired workers have been rehired.
07. The library has copies of Life magazine going back to its very first [issue].
08. Bill Jones once said that living and dying is not the big [issue]. The big [issue] is what you're going to do with your time while you are here.
09. Before travelling to a foreign country, get advice on health [issues] at your destination.
10. According to a poll, only 29 percent of married couples agree on most political [issues].
11. Our response to the controversial social [issues] of our time will determine our future.
12. The country of Tonga once [issued] a stamp shaped like a banana.
13. By 1795, the importance of eating vitamin C was realized, and lemon juice was [issued] on all British Navy ships.
14. One of the earliest U.S. passports on record was [issued] in France in 1778.
15. The first U.S. patent for an animal, a genetically-engineered mouse, was [issued] to geneticists at Harvard University in 1988.
16. In 1603, King James VI [issued] an edict banning the use of the surname MacGregor.
17. The state of California has [issued] 6 driver's licenses to people named Jesus Christ.
18. Great Britain was the first country in the world to [issue] postage stamps, and they're the only nation in the world today that doesn't use a national name on their stamps.
19. The first telephone book ever [issued] contained only 50 names.
20. A report [issued] by the International Labor Organization in 1996 said that Asia has the greatest number of children working, at 45 million.
21. Youth activist Craig Kielburger once observed that the opinions of young people are seldom considered even when there is an [issue] that affects them directly.
22. In 1896, the first permits for the public showing of movies were [issued] in the area known today as Croatia.
23. The company has [issued] additional shares in order to generate some capital.
24. The union is [issuing] notices that there may be a strike as early as next week.
25. The media has been [issuing] regular reports on the President's condition since the assassination attempt.
26. A lot of people who live on the street have serious mental health [issues].
27. Josh has a lot of [issues] that he needs to work out.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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